Sunday, September 2, 2012

Who’s who? Bar’s pal Valentina Micchetti challenged her followers to quess which body was hers and which was Bar’s (Source)

Flying high! Bar Refaeli unveils SI one, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737-700 emblazoned with her bikini image (Source)
V magazine really wants you to go on vacation. In their newest issue of 2010, Bar Refaeli plays with the rainbow in Hawaii, (Source)
Bar Refaeli takes her sultry shoot to the spider of 2009 SI Swimsuit Edition (Source)

Holiday fun! Bar Refaeli has been relaxing with her new beau David Fisher on the Italian hot spot (Source)

All eyes were on the stunning 26 years old model as she daringly dived deep into the ocean from a luxury yacht (Source)
She may be a world famous supermodel, but if Bar Refaeli ever wanted to changed occupations. Topless and wearing just a pair of bikini bottoms, the 26 years old sprung from the san and into the air for an incredible photograph. (Source)

Bar Refaeli  walked on the runway during the 2007 Moda Calida  show in the Canary Islands. (Source)

Leonardo DiCaprio and Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli spend their New Year’s together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico on Thursday (January 1). (Source)

Bar was seen modeling with her sexy new ad campaign for surf company, Hurley (Source)

Bar Refaeli turns heads in “Floral Bikini” as she gets surf on blue mattress (Source)

Bar Refaeli revealed her magnificent body as the cover model for the 2009 Swimsuit Edition (Source)

Bar Refaeli Leaked Sports Illustrated photos in August 2009 (Source)

Bar Refaeli got part of a Stephen King novel painted on her naked body for Esquire 2009 (Source)

The Israeli hottie’s graces the inside of V Magazine’ SS 2010 issue. (Source)

Bar Refaeli stripped down to her bikini with “nicely” earphone while vacation on boats (Source)

Bar Refaeli has a perfect body. Her voluptuous curves attract attention and she is often used in photoshoots where great exposure is necessary. However, she also poses for Allure Magazine July 2010 issue that features her fully dressed-up. (Source)

Bar Refaeli is no stranger to posing with muscly models. But The Israeli beauty was in for a shock when she met her co-starts on a crenet photo shoot for Interview magazine 2010 (Source)

Using her sex appeal to help bolster sales, Bar Refaeli struck a variety of sensuous poses for Rampage's new Spring 2010 marketing campaign. (Source)

Bar Refaeli has landed the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009 issue. The photo shoot for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit 2009 cover took place on Canouan Island in the Grenadines. This is the first cover of the Sport Illustrated Swimsuit edition for Refaeli, although she did appear in the inset of the 2007 edition. (Source)

Giving fans a sneak peek, Bar Refaeli got her deserved spread in the upcoming 2010 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. (Source)

Bar Refaeli soaked up the sun with her healthy breathing (Source)

Pretty in pink! Bar Refaeli takes the plunge as she takes a dip in the sea while holidaying with Naomi Campbell in the millionaires' playground of Porto Cervo in Sardinia (Source)

Cindy Crawford  invited fellow supemodel Bar Refaeli to her relaxed poolside fiesta in Los Cabos, where she is holidaying with her family. (January,3, 2011) (Source)
Bar Refaeli showed off the figure that has made her name as a swimwear model as she took it easy in the Mexican resort of Los Cabos. And she chose a tiny floral bikini to soak up the sun by the pool (Source)

Getting the party started early! Bar Refaeli posted this picture of herself dancing to mark her 27th birthday. (Source)

Bar Refaeli displays her rock hard stomatch for Maxim Magazine of 2012 issue. Souce and See more pictures (Source)

Bar Refaeli enjoys basking in the sun with some friends on a saiboat in Cannes
Bar Refaeli enjoys basking in the sun with some friends on a saiboat in Cannes (Source)

Super slim! The model showed off a perfect beach body as she slipped into a range of swimwear with varying hairstyles for Aqua Bendita of 2012 (Source)

Paradise: Israeli model Bar Refaeli sips on coconut juice as she sits on a beach on the Bahia coast of Brazil (Source)

Bar Refaeli went back to basics, slathering herself in one of the most effective beauty treatments around the Dead Sea (Source)

Bikini babe! Bar displayed her model figure in yet another swimsuit, this time a red string bikini (Source)

Enjoying a luxe holiday with her beau David Fisher, Bar Rafaeli was spotted catching some rays on a yacht in Porto Cervo, Italy.
The 26-year-old stunning supermodel turned heads as she takes off her sheer dress into a teeny red bikini. (Source)

Smooch! Bar Refaeli gets overly friendly with a female friend aboard a boat while her boyfriend David Fisher takes pictures in Italy (Source)

Bar Refaeli showed off her beauty bottoms in a blue bikini as she sunned herself in the lovely city of Porto Cervo. (Source)

Bar Refali literally muscle made a little imagination while she’s spending time on Italian businessman Marco Tronchetti Provera and his wife Afef’s vessel in Portofino, Italy (Source)

Aren’t you selling underwear? A naked Bar Refaeli poses in her birthday suit for the advert launching her new lingerie range (Source)

Bar Refaeli’s lying on yacht and reading a book while sunbathing on sunny day at the Kauris III luxury yacht (Source)

Animalistic! Bar Refaeli, in a tiny leopard print bikini, poses alongside of her beauty body in the shoot for Interview Magazine (Source)

All woman! Bar Refaeli shows off her amazing curves as she models underwear for the clothing company Rampage (Source)

Job done! The former Sports Illustrated swimsuit model still knows about how to work with a two piece (Source)

Stripping down! The Israeli model take off her Daisy Dukes and see through white top to reveal her killer bikini curves (Source)

“Pool day with my girls,” said Bar Refaeli on her Instagram pages (Source)

Perfect bikini model! Former Sports Illustrated model Bar certainly knows how to wear a bikini (Source)
Water baby ... the supermodel (Source)

Brief encounter! The Supermodel leaves little to the imagination in the bottom department (Source)

Making the most of her time in Italy, Bar Refaeli was spotted sunning herself in a stunning blue bikini.
The Israeli supermodel pranced around the Kauris III luxury yacht off the coast of Portofino while eager paparazzi snapped up pictures. (Source)

Bar Refaeli  picked up a drink while sunning with pals Cindy Crawford, Naomi Campbell, and Stacy Keibler in Cabo in 2010. (Source)
Yeah, yeah we know she does actually wear some of the men's pants in the ad for but it's not long before she's whipped 'em off for a spot of naked cigar smoking. As you do. (Source)

The Israeli model reveals her killer bikini curve while stripping down her Daisy Dukes in Sardinia (Source)

Bar Refaeli puts her flower dress and grabbed the change into “Red Bikini” in St.Tropez (Source)

Bar Refaeli hit the beach with friends in Greece. The model splashed in the water, danced in the sand with pals, and sipped on a cold drink during their fun day in the sun. (Source)

Bar Refaeli showed off her final move in beauty literally of pink bikini body after snorkeling in Porto Cervo (Source)

Chilling on the yacht! Bar Refaeli posted this photo of herself on Twitter, which is sure to make her ex-Leo jealous (Source)
Bar Refaeli sexiest Bikini shots in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Source)

It’s alright for some! Earlier this month Bar enjoyed a trip to her native Israel and happily documented the holiday with sexy photos (Source)

Bikini girl! The ‘hottest woman in the world’ shows off her enviable figure in the photos (Source)

Bar Refaeli showcased her “lovely” bikini bottoms in front of the camera for Elle Spain 2012 (Source)

Gratuitous! The commercial ensured it showed plenty of close ups of the model’s pefect curves (Source)

She just keeps getting sexier, and Bar Refaeli looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover of the May 2012issue of ELLESpain. (Source)

Bar Refaeli’s getting all the limelight for Bonita de mas Magazine in November 2010 (Source)
Smoking hot smoker and Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Bar Rafaeli  chills out poolside at Puerto Vallarta (Mexico) in these candids (Source)

Bar Refaeli in Maxim Magazine Hot 100 of 2009 (Source)

Bar rolling around on a couch naked for Eyal Nevo in October 2011 (Source)

Bar Refaeli takes her “White Bikini” bottom into the high solution for Arena in 2008 (Source)

It's official. You can add Bar Refaeli to the list of the world's hottest Jewish girls, and you can probably out her at the top of that list. (Source)

Bar Refaeli in the Cover of Arena Magazine 2008 (Source)

Bar Refaeli - another sexy collection of her in hot bikini (Source)

The supermodel poses in sultry shot for You Magazine in April 2007 (Source)

Not a bad life! Bar Refaeli made sure to make the most of the extravagant trip by taking a dip in the Mediterranean Sea and working on her tan (Source)

Drying off! After going for a swim in the warm Mediterranean Sea, Bar grabbed a white towel to dry off and then warmed up in the sun again (Source)

it's not like it's any big secret why he would want to have his lady friend in a bikini as much as possible. (Source)

The twins of sexiest shots of Bar Refaeli in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico (Source)

Bar Refaeli in Bikini For Fox Fashion Summer 2011 (Source)

Bar Refaeli in Bikini For Chi Magazine – March 2010 (Source)
Always in high demand, Bar Refaeli continues to pull in jobs showing off her stuff for magazines around the world. The 26-year-old beauty also happens to grace the cover of the April edition of Chi magazine 2010

The israel beauty showed off her impressive muscle with pink bikini during her trip in unknown place (Source)

Supermodel Bar Refaeli and Aerosmith join together for a promotional spot for the upcoming Victoria’s Secret TV special (Source)

Bar Refaeli wears pink bikini in St Tropez on 30 july 2008 (Source)

I think, she want to give a simply news about how to build her first kitchen on hardly first career in 2005 (Source)

The bootylicious body and shape had began from very healthy food, at least it’s started with security wellness (Source)

You know, she's kind of sort of super hot. And her 2007 SI photoshoot by Raphael Maccuzzo, well, just completely and utterly out of this world. (Source)

Bar Refaeli shows off her amazing body and tremendous modeling skills for GO Magazine shoot by Dubi Hasson. Can we say hot and tasty? (Source)

Bar Refaeli played watersport with Leo in Capri, Italy in August 2010 (Source)
The 23-year-old Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli heats up the cover page of Marie Claire Magazine France for the month of May 2009. (Source)
Bar Refaeli shares pictures from her holiday on twitter in 2011 (Source)
Bar Refaeli posted her bikini sunbathing on her Twitter pages (Source)

The Israeli beauty sexes up fiction and has the magazine's contents scrawled across her body, with a new Stephen King short story teased (Source)

Bar Refaeli’s bikini photoshoot  in the dark side of the beach (Source)

Bar Refaeli is absolutely stunning. She has a fantastic body and she isn't shy about showing it off. (Source)

The 26-year-old model in plenty of breast-cupping, bikini-wearing poses on a beach for Elle Spain's May 2012 issue. (Source)

Bar Refaeli has revealed the secret of her enviable figure - and unsurprisingly there are no shortcuts to her look for Passionata Lingerie 2011 (Source)

Bar Refaeli and Michael Phelps were photographed for Sport Illustrated 2012 (Source)

Bar Refaeli with Chris Paul were photographed for Sport Illustrated 2012 (Source)

Bar Refaeli with Rafael Nadal were photographed for Sport Illustrated 2012 (Source)

Bar Refaeli's body doesn't just speak the language of the hottie, it screams it aloud at Level 10 on the gravity Scale, with her ridiculously hot body crying out like the Sirens of old, and hurting many a man's neck and other bodily joints in the process. If the season is kicking off with Bar, this is going to be a very good season indeed. (Source)


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